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Education Award Winner 2015

By Pat Magrath - The Winner of’s Annual $5,000 Education Award is Ken Irwin who is a Mental Health Registered Nurse at Oregon State Hospital. Ken volunteers with Polk County Free Clinic as a Triage Nurse. He and his wife have been volunteer scout leaders for over 12 years. He enjoys many of Oregon's outdoor activities including canoeing, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and rock climbing. Nursing is a 2nd career for Ken, a switch that he contemplated for a long time. He has a sister-in-law who is an amazing Nurse. Several of Ken’s friends … [Read More...]


Education Award Winner 2013

The Winner of the $5,000 Education Award is Jacqueline M. Wooters, MSN(c), RN, NE-BC from San Diego, CA!! Jackie is thrilled about being the recipient of our 5th consecutive $5,000 Education Award as it will help her focus on achieving her PhD. Jackie grew up in St Louis, MO. As an adult, Jackie’s aunt told her when she was a little girl; she talked about being a Nurse. It was already a dream for her then. She went to Metro High School in St Louis, MO which is known as one of the best high schools in the country. The school required all students to have 80 volunteer … [Read More...]

Nursing Career Job Board, Nursing Information Resource, Nurse Community

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Your Nursing Career Job Board, Information Resource, Community and more. is a specialty website for Nurses – from Nursing students to CNO’s. We are a Career Job Board, an Information Resource and a Community for all Nurses regardless of age, race, gender, religion or education. [Read More...]

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